Transportation Options

Goals / parameters of the project:

  • Must be at least 18, use a wheelchair, and be able to travel independently or with your own aide / assistant.
  • Intended for once or twice a month transportation.
  • To provide as needed transportation when other resources fail.
  • Effective transportation for individuals with physical disabilities.


  • We can not provide transportation to places of employment and / or doctors appointments. Refer to Vesid and Medicaid for these.
  • Intended for ages 18 – 55.

Individuals using this program will:

  • Questions about this program may be directed to Chris at 685-3976.
  • We recommend that you apply for Getting There, Paratransit,, Medicaid Transportation and any other transportation options first.
  • Agree to use this program for reasonable and reputable outings.
  • Agree to be ready on time for pick-up and return rides.

How the program will work:

  1. You will fill out an application. (Click here for application)
  2. We will verify that you meet our program requirements and can travel independently.
  3. You will be mailed a letter of authorization for our program.
  4. You may call Chris at 685-3976 to schedule ride.
  5. If and when our funding is depleted – we will notify you that we can no longer provide rides.

Program Registration:

Participants will fill out the application form (found online) and mail or e-mail to:

The Independence Foundation
Attn: Transportation
2220 Hall Rd
Elma, NY 14059

Suggested Donation for each ride:

$20 one way, $40 round trip
Payment can be mailed to the Independence Foundation at the above address. You will not be making any payments to the drivers.

All payments to Transportation Agencies will be made by The Independence Foundation for scheduled / authorized rides

Peripheral Transportation Options