Independence House


We have begun this journey after experiencing what life can be like with independence. Our son Ben attended and has since graduated from Edinboro College in Pennsylvania. Edinboro is a unique community. There are approximately 40 students in wheelchairs living on campus. Personal care aides are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.. There is a wheelchair bus that takes the students to classes, Wal-mart, the mall. Wheelchair students regularly participate in normal life activities like bowling, lunch at McDonald’s, and other basic socialization. There is a wheelchair soccer team–-and they have traveled to Arizona for national games.

This is just a small picture of independent life in a wheelchair. It is possible–-Edinboro has made it happen. If it is possbile in Edinboro – why not here?

It is our goal to establish an environment like this in the Buffalo area. With our first house realized, we continue to work on the larger goal – meeting the housing needs of many on wait lists.
We worked very hard and we now have three Independence Houses. Our first home opened in 2007 for three young adults. Our second house is now a home for four young adults. It has been open since January 2010. Our third house is a leased program and there are three young adults living independently since May 2011. For more information on our Housing Opportunities – please contact us.

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